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Gopay for Virtuemart

The best East European payment gateway Gopay for popular e-commerce system Virtuemart. Inline version (REST ...

Total without tax: 1 252 Kč
Tax amount: 0 Kč
Sales price: 1 515 Kč
 (60 EUR)

Gopay payments for RD e-Ticket

The best Eastern European payment gateway Gopay for RD e-Ticket. Inline version (REST API). Price without ...

Total without tax: 1 694 Kč
Tax amount: 0 Kč
Sales price: 2 050 Kč
 (81 EUR)

Heureka for VirtueMart/PhocaCart

Heureka orders reporting for verified by customers, Heureka Conversions tracking and Heureka Widget.

Total without tax: 899 Kč
Sales price: 899 Kč
 (35 EUR)

Installation and setup - 1h

Install and set in 1h support

Total without tax: 491 Kč
Sales price: 491 Kč
 (19 EUR)

Language / Currency for VirtueMart

The plugin lets you set default currency for active language. I.e. English is in EUR, Russian is in RUB.

Total without tax: 112 Kč
Sales price: 112 Kč
 (4 EUR)

Partner pay for RD e-Ticket

Partner payment for RD e-Ticket. Price without instalation and setup.

Sales price: zdarma

Photos of players for Tournaments

The module displays photos of players in the Tournaments application.

Total without tax: 819 Kč
Tax amount: 0 Kč
Sales price: 991 Kč
 (39 EUR)
New version

Product Import for VirtueMart

This is a component for importing VirtueMart products from XML feeds.

Total without tax: 3 794 Kč
Sales price: 3 794 Kč
 (149 EUR)
Product Labels for Virtuemart

Product Labels for Virtuemart

This plugin displays Top, New, Discount, Featured labels and more labels at a Virtuemart product.

Total without tax: 737 Kč
Sales price: 737 Kč
 (29 EUR)