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Arukereso - Heureka HU for VirtueMart

Arukereso orders reporting for verified by customers, Arukereso Conversions tracking and Arukereso Widget.

Total without tax: 899 Kč
Sales price: 899 Kč
 (39 EUR)
New version

Gift for product

The plugin allows you to display the selected product gift on the product detail and category listing and send it in the feed in the desired form

Total without tax: 488 Kč
Sales price: 488 Kč
 (21 EUR)

Heureka for VirtueMart/PhocaCart

Heureka orders reporting for verified by customers, Heureka Conversions tracking and Heureka Widget.

Total without tax: 899 Kč
Sales price: 899 Kč
 (39 EUR)

SKLIK Dynamic Retargeting for VirtueMart

The plugin dynamically inserts SKLIK Retargeting code on the product detail page or product category page.

Total without tax: 660 Kč
Sales price: 660 Kč
 (29 EUR)

Zboží conversion

Standard conversion tracking option for Zboží. Conversions are sent in the background after you create an order with the required details for subsequent ...

Total without tax: 791 Kč
Sales price: 791 Kč
 (34 EUR)

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