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Google E-commerce Tracker for VirtueMart - box

Google Tag Manager for VirtueMart - J4

Google E-commerce order tracking and order status changes for VirtueMart.
Supports GA4!!! Connection to Targito, CJ Affiliate, Trusted Shops... Detail informations
Minion Interactive s.r.o.
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Product Description

Extends basic Google Tag Manager plugin to handle specific events and variables of Virtuemart and add them into the GTM datalayer. It is a powerful tool for setting up Virtuemart e-commerce tracking - get statistics about your orders, revenues, products, etc.

Requires Google Tag Manager plugin in order to work. It will not work as a standalone plugin.

The plugin includes:

  • GA4 Ecommerce - New!
  • Google Universal Analytics - Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Works with n3t Cookie Consent plugin - New!
  • Connecting to Targito and sending information in the data layer
  • Connection to the global affiliate service CJ Affiliate¨
  • Connection to Trusted Shop
  • Connection to TrustBadge
  • Connection to Trusted Shop Product Reviews
  • Compatible with Gopay payment gateway - measures all orders after they return from the payment gateway

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Google Tag Manager for VirtueMart 4.0.9

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